Major Dates for 2017-2018 (Not a typo!)


Dear SSIS Parents,

Although the school year 2016-2017 has only just begun, we know that many of you are already making plans for next year’s travel.

In planning the school calendar, we try to establish the major dates for the following year very early on in the current year. Hundreds of additional events for next year are scheduled during the rest of the current year (music concerts, principal coffees, PTA meetings, sports tournaments, etc.), but most of them are not entered onto the school calendars until the spring. Thus, we will not enter additional dates for 2017-2018 anytime soon, but at least we can help you with the major events.

Here are the current dates for major events which are already set for 2017-2018:

New Faculty Arrival 18-19 July 2017
Returning Faculty Arrival 01 August 2017
Student Orientation Day (required) 08 August 2017 [first day for students]
First Day of Semester 1 09 August 2017
Fall Break (2017) 09-13 October 2017
Last Day of Semester 1 15 December 2017
Winter Break (2017-2018) 16 December 2017 – 08 January 2018 [for students]
Teacher Work Day 08 January 2018
First Day of Semester 2 09 January 2018
Tet Holidays (2018) 12-16 February 2018 [Tet holidays may be extended, but these days are guaranteed]
Spring Break (2018) 26-30 March 2018
Last Day of Semester 2 07 June 2018 [last day for students]
Last Day for Teachers 08 June 2018

At SSIS we publish many calendars to which parents and students may subscribe. We create many calendars so that you can link only to the ones with the information you need and not be overwhelmed with calendar items you don’t need. For example, an elementary parent may not want to see all the three hundred college and universities that schedule visits to SSIS each year, and a high school parent may not need to know the dates of the middle school dances.

For your convenience, I have attached links here to some of the most linked-to calendars at SSIS. If you are not sure how to subscribe to these calendars on your computer, laptop, or smartphone, please let us know and we’ll arrange a meeting with our IT staff when you are on campus to help you get set up.

All School Calendars (all the dates which are for all students)

All School Parent/Student Calendar

Elementary Calendars

ES Parent/Student Calendar (events that are for elementary school students and parents only)

ES Day Calendar (the ten-day rotation schedule)

ES Athletics and Activities Calendar

Middle School Calendars

MS Parent/Student Calendar

MS Day Calendar

MS Athletics and Activities Calendar

High School Calendars

HS Parent/Student Calendar

HS Day Calendar

HS Athletics and Activities Calendar

Again, please let us know if you need any help with subscribing to our calendars.

Sincerely yours,

Mark Iver Sylte, Head of School