A Thank You Note


Dear Parents of the PTA,dsc00585 dsc00513

We are Celine and Dan Dan, the president and vice president of the Global Issues Network club. On behalf of the GIN club, Heartbeat Vietnam, Love for All, and Artviz, we’d like to thank you for all of the planning and hard work that went into making the event a success! In total, we earned 6,940,000 from the Halloween games and a staggering 14,220,000 VND from the Haunted House, both of which were split among thedsc00553 four service clubs.

As you may or may not have known, this money will be donated to a variety of causes: Heartbeat Vietnam will be funding heart surgery for disadvantaged Vietnamese children, Love for All will be building and improving homes in the Mekong Delta, Artviz will be donating the money to an orphanage, and GIN will be tackling a community e-waste recycling project among other eco-projects. We truly appreciate the opportunity that the PTA has given us to create fun and invaluable experiences for the school community while supporting all of these great causes, and we hope to work together on more events in the future!


Celine & Dan Dan

GIN Club