MS WWW 2016-2017: Day 4 (Friday, December 2)


WWW trips are coming to an end. All of our MS students and faculty will be checking out and traveling back
to SSIS today. Return times are as follows:
Grade 6: 1:00pm. Parents pick up at 1:00pm as students are released upon arrival at SSIS.
Grade 7: 3:30pm.
Grade 8:
Group 1: Arrive at SSIS at 9:15pm – Flight: 7:25PM Vietnam Airlines VN1385
Group 2: Arrive at SSIS at 9:45pm – Flight: 7:45PM Vietjet Air VJ335
Parents, please check your email for your child’s group.

Don’t forget to check out the latest photos posted to the blogs:

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Gr 8 WWW Blog    password: SSISG8 (uncheck “sign up for our newsletter!”)

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