MS Art Student Book Launch


Dear SSIS Students, Parents & Faculty Members,

This quarter, the Grade 8 art classes have been collaborating with Commack Middle School in New York, USA. The final goal was to create a book about endangered animals, inspired by Graeme Base’s famous ‘Animalia’. The book is called Endangermalia–Before it’s Too Late. It is an alphabet book, which has two sections. The first part is beautifully illustrated alliterations. The second part contains more detailed information about the endangered animals. We worked together with the students in New York using their images combined with our own through a digital mash up.  We have been working in groups of 2 or 3. Each group has been in charge of one or two letter pages. We finished our project with a final Skype call with the students, teachers, administrators, and parents from Commack Middle School.  They have also issued a release of the book which you can read on their website.

The book has been published on and is being sold for $25.00. All the profits we make from the book will go to to WWF (World Wildlife Fund), which is an organization that tries to protect endangered species. By buying this book, you can enjoy the gorgeous book and can help the endangered animals. To purchase this book online, please click here.

We hope you support our project because we have worked very hard on this, and it is an opportunity to help endangered animals before it’s too late!

Sincerely, G8A & 8F Art Classes

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