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‘Make’ your holidays bright!

Trash to Treasure Challenges

Just a few fun ideas to keep things lively this break and keep everyone engineering and upcycling over the vacation! Join DIY.ORG to get started and get inspiration!  Level up in your challenges and earn badges for learning new skills! Take pictures and send them to! I want to see how you ‘make’ your break fun!

Gift Wrap Paper Challenge:

Do you have a pile of gift wrap after all those gifts have been opened? Why not challenge your family to the giftwrap challenge?

Challenge 1 (Difficulty: Super hard)  If your family was tidy in carefully unwrapping presents, this might be your challenge.

  1. Give everyone the same amount of paper.  
  2. Without using tape, each person has to fold, roll, or twist their paper to make the tallest free-standing tower.

Challenge 2 (Difficulty: Easy) If your family wasn’t tidy and ripped the paper, do this challenge.

  1. Give everyone the same amount of paper
  2. Rip up the paper in any way you want and roll them into balls
  3. Stack them up to make the tallest pile of paper balls that you can! Bonus: Have a paper ball fight!

Gift Box Re-Mix:

Everyone needs a little coziness for the holidays, including cats! What if you made a special home for your own cat using sturdy cardboard? What would it look like? How would you make sure it is secure for your cat and how can you keep it clean?

What if you don’t have a cat? Consider making a sturdy and nice looking cat house for the cats at the Vietnam Animal Rescue Shelter (ARC).

If you don’t have a cat, how about building your own cardboard fort or maze!

Trash to Toy Challenge:

How can we take the stuff we would just throw away and make it into toys?  Work on upcycling your holiday waste into cool toys that you can bring back to school in January.  Learn how to use servos and motors to spruce it up  in January once you have made it!

T-Shirt Bag!  

Did you get some new t-shirts and feel like your old ones just don’t fit you anymore? Why not turn your old shirt into a trendy bag!

Make It for Free Challenge

This thing is US $38.  Why not make one for free? Can you engineer a upcycled version of this pillow with adjustable angle ipad/e reader stand? Yours will be so cool and it will be free!

What other thing can you make for free? Games? Toys? Robots? How can you reuse and upcycle things you would just normally throw away?


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