ES: Sports Day- slow-motion video and thanks to all volunteers


Dear parents,

Sports Day was a wonderful success!  Thanks to all of our parent volunteers for helping make the day happen!  The list below is an attempt to thank each of those volunteers, by name, and show who their child is and their teacher’s name.  Please forgive us if our record keeping did not keep up with all of the wonderful show of support.  This short video ( IMG_1652 ) shows a slow-motion moment of just one of the fun activities: Hole in the Bucket.  Thanks to everyone for making it such a great success!

Daniel J. Keller, PhD
Elementary School Principal


  Mr/Ms Parent’s Name Activitiy Child’s Name Teacher’s name
Ms Minjung Koo Hole in the bucket Park, Juram Gregory Nonato
Ms Sandra Hole in the bucket Lin Tai Min David Ross
Ms Julie Huang Musical Buckets Candice Pai Brennan Davis
Mr Tuan Nguyen Musical Buckets Ashley Nguyen Karen Upton
Mrs. Kelly Zhao Wet t shirt relay race Zilin Wang Elaine Eastwood
Ms Lee, Sang-Eun Wet t shirt relay race Kim, Geonwoo Elaine Eastwood
Ms Sunny Kim Wet sponge throw Jaewoong Moon Karen Upton
Ms Jemn -Ti Chen Wet sponge throw Lin, Li-Min( Audrey) Chris Colquhoun
Ms Choi, Yoonmi Water and fruit Choi, Hayoon William Lee Wong
Ms Choi, Yun Jeong Run the gauntlet Lee, Eunsu Brennan Davis
Ms Tanya Run the gauntlet Maxwell Olander Gregory Nonato
Ms Yukiko Sponge butt suare pants Ryuta Isaka William Lee Wong
Ms Julie Thai Sponge butt suare pants Charlotte Ly Thai Amy Barrett
Mr Brian Hawken Jump rope,water splash Graeme Hawken Chirs Colquhoun
Ms Huhjung Woo Jump rope,water splash Seohyun Park Ricki Millerolte
Ms Thuy Pham Water and fruit Minh Pham Chris Colquhoun
Ms Phan Thi Ngoc Minh Cats and Mice Christopher Nguyen William Lee Wong
MS Dokyun Cats and Mice Jio Woo Chris Colquhoun
Ms Sunjung Choi Marble/toes/hands Leah Song Ricki Millerolte
Ms Tina Basketball shooting En Zhen Elaine Eastwood
Ms Junglim Cho Basketball shooting Kwon, Oh Seop Ricki Millerolte
Mr Linh T. Bui Fill the bucket Khiem Ricki Millerolte
Ms Jinhee Yang Fill the bucket Eunwoo Choi William Lee Wong
Ms Thuy Pham Water and fruit Minh Pham Chris Colquhoun
  Mr/Ms Parent’s Name Activitiy Child’s Name Teacher’s name
Ms Mikiko Yasui Obstacle Course Relay Shusuke Yasui Laura Heatwole
Ms. Wang, Sunny Obstacle Course Relay Yang, Katie Jeremy Neldon
Lana Sheronova Run,Waiter,Run
Pyo, Sun Hee Run,Waiter,Run Jin,Sung-Ho Jay Johnson
Julie Thai Hole in the bucket Samuel Thai Kristin Weiss
Jo,Jungkyung Hole in the bucket Sangin’s mother( G7) NA
Natalie Hole in the bucket Mackenzie
Ms Bandan Fill the Bottles Jasmeh Signh Alli Ruttger
Mr. Tri Doan Fill the Bottles
Mr. Quoc Pham Musical Buckets
Ms Sinyoung Oh Musical Buckets Johan Im Andy Burger
Tulin Fisk Musical Buckets Emre Fisk Laura Heatwole
Sunhee Water Fruit Station
Ms Amy Ta Beach ball race Ryan Le Kristin Weiss
Quyen Prodger Beach ball race
Ms Komal Skipping Race Aadhya Kosaraju Josie Boudreaux
Ms Toyo Skipping Race Eitaro Nakano Jay Johnson
Stephen Soccer Dribble
Ms Vee Sharp Hockey Relay Dylan Sharp Mark Edwards
Lee JungAh Team Tug -O-War G9 Kim,Jihwan’s mother NA
Chau Water Fruit Station
Ms Crystal Kuo Target Toss Wei-Cheng Lin Josie Boudreaux
Kim, Min-Hee Target Toss Han-Gyeol (Alex) David Ross
Ms Minhee Knock down cans Kim, Sungjoo Karen Rayle
Ms. Bae, Hayoung Knock down cans Wonjee ( G6) NA
Ms Klementina Flipper relay Maya Stojceyki Laura Heatwole
Thong Flipper relay
Ms Ngan Pham Ball relay Kim (Thien-Kim) Thien Dao Andy Burger
Chan Ball relay
Ms Lisa Chute Relay Race NA NA