ES: Announcing all new SuperUnit Brochures


Dear ES Parents,

We are pleased to announce the release of the all-new SuperUnit Brochures!  These brochures are distributed to parents at the beginning of a SuperUnit.  The purpose of the brochures is to help parents better understand our curriculum and support their children during each SuperUnit.  Each brochure contains the following information:

  • The grade level of the SuperUnit
  • The title of the SuperUnit
  • The Theme for the SuperUnit
  • The Driving Question and/or Enduring Understanding of the SuperUnit
  • Highlights of the Learning Experiences (such as the launch, field trips, guest speakers, project, Core Values, and Celebration)
  • Focus on Learning by Subject (including science, social studies, English, math, art, music, PE, Vietnamese, Library, etc.)
  • Questions to ask your child
  • Home Learning ideas
  • Suggested home extensions
  • Key vocabulary that may be used during the unit
  • A roadmap, or timeline, for the unit

The first round of brochures went home to all parents in grades K-5.  Next year, our plan will be that every grade receives a SuperUnit brochure before each of the four SuperUnits.  We hope you find the SuperUnit brochures helpful.


Daniel J. Keller, PhD

Elementary School Principal