ES: Principal’s Coffee Workshop – Thursday October 5 (8:15 – 9:30)


Dear Parents,

Please join us for the Principal’s Coffee Workshop on Thursday, October 5 from 8:15 – 9:30 in the Elementary Flex Room (B-310,).  The topic will be “Using SuperUnit brochures to help your child at home.”  As we implement our world-class elementary education curriculum, it is necessary for parents to learn how to support their children.  In this workshop for parents, we will look at how parents may use SuperUnit brochures to help their children at home.  The workshop will focus on topics such as:

·     Helping children focus on the SuperUnit Understanding

·     Helping children practice the Thinking Focus

·     Discussing Core Values in the family

·     Supporting connections between subjects

·     Strategies for asking questions at home

·     Strategies for home learning

·     Strategies for suggested home extensions

·     Ways to support (and not support) key vocabulary

Presenter: Daniel J. Keller, PhD, Elementary School Principal