ES: Conference sign up begins September 18, 2017, 9:00AM


Dear Parents,

Parent-Teacher (-Student) Conferences are an important part of your child’s education at SSIS.  This letter explains information related to purpose, schedule, appointments, registrations, student participation, translation, child care, and timeline.


The purposes of the Parent-Teacher (-Student) Conferences include:

  1. Review academic progress
  2. Discuss social and emotional growth and any behavioral concerns
  3. Set student goals
  4. Identify school and family supports that will help the child reach their goals


These conferences are scheduled for:

Date Available times
Thursday 19 October 2017 1:30 – 6:55 pm
Friday 20 October 2017 8:00 am – 3:55 pm


We have added the evening appointment times as a convenience for parents.  Each appointment will last for 25 minutes.  


Please register for an appointment for these conferences.  The Parent – Teacher (- Student) Conferences booking system will be available from Monday, September 18, 9:00 AM to Friday, October 6, 9:00 PM.  The registration system operates on a ‘first come-first served’ basis. Parents are advised to book early.  If for some reason, you are unable to meet with your teacher during these available times, please contact your classroom teacher to see if some other arrangements may be made.  We are expecting a conference to be scheduled for every student in the school.


In order to register for an appointment, you may follow the simplified steps below:

  1. Point your internet browser to the following location:
  2. Login using your PowerSchool account: Use your PowerSchool username and password
  3. Click the Green Button “Book” to select a date to meet your children’s homeroom teacher
  4. Click “Change Appointment” to change the meeting date:
  5. Click “Send Confirmation Email To Your Inbox” to receive a confirmation email for your booking
  6. If you do not know your PowerSchool username and password, please email: or call Ms. Nghi at +84 8 541 3 0901 x 13172. To recover the password, please click here.

Student Participation

Older students are expected to participate in conferences.  This participation allows them to contribute to the review of academic progress, reflect upon their social and emotional development, contribute toward the goal setting process, and describe school and family supports that may help them reach their goals.  Only students in grades 3, 4 and 5 participate in the conferences.


Grade Student participation
K No
1 No
2 No
3 Yes
4 Yes
5 Yes



If you need help with translation, please plan accordingly.  Families are invited to bring their own translator.  If you are unable to find someone to help with translation, we have limited translation assistance in a few languages.  Please inform your classroom teacher if you are requesting translation services.  These requests should be made as early in advance as possible.  We will attempt to provide reasonable translation support given our current staff resources.


As a courtesy to our SSIS parent community, our school will provide staff supervision of school-age children during conference appointments.  Students in grades 3, 4 and 5 participate in conferences.  However, younger students are not invited to participate in the conferences.  For parents that need help with childcare of younger children, we will have staff supervision of the elementary playground area during conference times.  If parents would like to use this service, please bring your child to the playground 10 minutes before the start of the conference.  One of the SSIS teaching assistants will be on duty in the playground area to provide adult supervision.  Please make sure to gather your child immediately after your conferences.  This service is only made available to school-age children.  We hope you appreciate this service and find it convenient as you attend conferences.

Additional information

A few days before the conferences, we will send an email to parents with suggestions regarding:

  1. Before the conference
  2. Starting the conference
  3. During the conference
  4. Ending the conference
  5. After the conference


We look forward to successful conferences with you.




Daniel J. Keller, PhD

Elementary School Principal