HS: Week Without Walls and Week Without Bells


Week Without Walls Grades 9 and 10

Grade 9 and 10 students have departed for their Week Without Walls trips.  We are so excited for the amazing experiences that they are going to participate in.  As a reminder to the community, we have included the parent presentations about WWW.

Grade 9 WWW

Grade 10 WWW

Week Without Bells Grades 11 and 12

While half the HS is away, the Grade 11 and 12 students are experiencing Week Without Bells.  For the first 2 days, these students will attend all classes as regularly scheduled.  On Wednesday, Grade 11 students will attend all classes in an A-H schedule while Grade 12 students focus on their Extended Essays and college applications.

On Thursday and Friday, Grade 11 students will be participating in a 2-day retreat.  There schedule is shown below, and students are divided into full IB students and those that are an AP/IB mix.  It is an exciting mix of activities focused on Creativity, Activity and Service.

On Thursday and Friday, Grade 12 students will be working on their IB Science Group 4 projects.  This is a collaborative project done in the 2nd year of IB Science that allows students from different IB science classes (Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, and Physics which IB calls the “Group 4: Experimental Sciences”) to work together to conduct an investigation and experiment on a common topic or problem.  The Group 4 project focuses on the process of science rather than the product of science and serves to emphasize the collaborative and cross-disciplinary nature of science work.  These hard working scientists will be displaying the results of the Group 4 experience on Thursday, October 5th starting at 6pm.