High School Advisory update for Parents and Families


Dear High School Parents and Families:

As our October break approaches, we hope that all students will get a bit of a rest and rejuvenate.  We wanted to share with you the efforts and themes in our advisory program lead by our grade level Deans to best support our students both academically and emotionally.
We hope to see most of you at the parent conferences on October 19 and 20.  We believe that it is important that you know about the high school advisory program to help inform your conversations with teachers and counselors.  We also believe in building meaningful relationships with one another through games, House League events, and advisory discussions.
Grade 9 Highlights:
  • Utilizing Naviance by taking a personality assessment and learning style inventory
  • Learning about mindfulness and wellness
  • Delving into the health curriculum covering topics such as: technology usage, stress, and anxiety
Grade 10 Highlights:
  • Focusing on sleep, and how important it is to be going to sleep at an appropriate time
  • Working on organizational skills, calendaring, and the importance of organizing time
  • Looking at study skills highlighting the practices that lead to failure (such as cramming, going to bed late etc.) and some of the things students can do to improve their habits
  • Taking Holland’s Codes Career Interest profiler (Naviance) and various topics regarding our health curriculum
Grade 11 Highlights:
  • Helping our students manage the transition to the rigors of IB and AP curriculum
  • Focusing on a variety of skills to help manage the increased workload and maintain a sense of balance and perspective
  • Examining student personal learning styles
  • Learning about the inner workings of their transcripts
  • Discussing the real meaning and value of grades
Grade 12 Highlights:
  • Providing the opportunity for teachers to form supportive relationships with students
  • Offering advisor-teacher support and encouragement, especially at times in the year when students might be experiencing stress or other difficulties.
  • Considering balance in life, reducing stress and managing the demands effectively
  • Participating in our second-grade buddy program
  • Planning the senior lock-in, senior dinner and other events
  • Managing their university applications and essays 

HS Counselors and Grade Level Deans