MS: WWW Nov. 27-Dec. 1


It’s finally time!  Middle School students and faculty will be heading out next week for our Week Without Walls programs.  WWW is an excellent opportunity for students to apply the knowledge and skills that students have acquired in their lessons to real life situations. It is a chance for students to improve their awareness and understanding of the language and culture of Vietnam. The week also enables students to build team spirit with their grade level and to ensure positive relationships among students.

Though direct communication with parents isn’t possible during the trip, parents can get a peek into each day’s activities through online photos albums posted by our trip provider, Asia Motions.  Please see the links below.

Grade 6 Albums:  Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5

Grade 7 Albums:  Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5

Grade 8 Albums: Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5

Please also find links to the trip overviews and information sheets.  These include transportation and communication information as well as packing lists.
Grade 6
Grade 7
Grade 8

Just to give you taste of what’s to come, here are some photos from last year’s trips: