MS WWW 2017-2018: Day 4 (Thursday, November 30)


WWW trips are coming to a close. All students and faculty will be traveling back to SSIS on Friday December 01. Return times are as follows:

​Grade 6: 12:00pm at SSIS

Grade 7: 1:30pm at SSIS

Grade 8: 11:30am at SSIS

Flight VJ361: departure 8:40am-arrival 9:30am

Flight VN1381: departure 8:50am- arrival 9:40am

Grade 6 had a fantastic morning hike up to Ta Cu Mountain and had lunch there. In the afternoon, the students are doing community service with a center for blind community members.

Grade 7 has had a busy day of zip lining, rock climbing and river cruise rafting! There will be big BBQ dinner tonight and awards ceremony.


Grade 8 has been having a great day so far. They enjoyed team building activities, workshops and hiking.