Tell them you love them! – Early Application Decisions This Week – Grade 12 Families


Dear Grade 12 Families,

Just a few of our Early Decision and Early Action decisions have come in. There has been some fantastic news and also disappointing news.  It can be tough.
We are here to support your children.  In the next few days and weeks all of the early application decisions will arrive.  We sent an email to all students on Monday which we are now sharing with you at the end of this email.
Please consider:
  • Being next to them as they find out via email or a letter (usually email)
  • Respect their space if they want that moment to themselves
  • Send them our way in the next three days
  • Remind them not to look at emails during classes – come to our office!
  • Tell them that you love them
Thank you for supporting the Class of 2018!  Truly an outstanding and impressive cohort of athletes, actors, artists and academes!
Robert and Erin
Please see email below sent to students:
We care about you and all of you are fantastic in your own way. This time year brings emotion on many levels.  We are here to support you – even if just to listen.

EA and ED decisions will be coming out this week for most of you.  Whether good or disappointing news, consider a few things:
  • Be mindful of one another – perhaps you were accepted and your friend wasn’t
  • Celebrate if good news
  • Please get sleep
  • Talk emotions out with family, friends, counselors or a trusted adult
We are proud of you either way.  You did your best and that is what matters.  Reach for the apple and keep your feet on the ground!
This week our doors are open – either one of us.  Please share your news with us.
Thinking of you,
Mr. K and Ms. Hawken