MS: MathCounts Shine at Regional Competition

We are so proud to share the results of our MathCounts competition hosted by United World College Dover campus.  Our MathCounts team is advised by Mark Crowell.
We were honored to compete with the following schools.
  • Taipei American
  • Singapore American
  • Jakarta Intercultural
  • UWC Dover and East
  • Hong Kong International
  • International School of Beijing
  • Shanghai American
There were 25 teams of four from ten schools.  The five top teams were:
2. Singapore AS
3. Singapore AS
4. SSIS (Jessie, Yoonji, Daniel, and Pete)
5. UWC Dover
Top 10 in the individual competition included:
  • Jessie Shou place 8th
  • Daniel Nguyen place 10th
Each of the other nine schools had an average of two girls out of ten competitors. We brought six girls out of ten competitors.  Creating an environment that supports and encourages all students is a hallmark of this successful SSIS program.
Please warmly welcome our MATHLETES back on Monday.
  • Sol Park
  • Daniel Nguyen
  • Shayan Sinha
  • Yoonji Kim
  • Anna Kim
  • Pete Tran
  • Lindsey Lee
  • Brandon Bae
  • Chowon Park
  • Jessi Shou
Their work in the field of mathematics over their MS careers will pay dividends for the rest of their life.