March Media Mentor Month

Mentor word cloud written on a chalkboard

A recent post published by a fellow international educator, explains how we, as parents, need to be media MENTORS, not media police as we raise our children in our tech-heavy society. Three different approaches to parenting children with technology are explained, with the key approach being that of a mentor parent. A mentor parent is defined as a parent who guides their kid(s) online. A mentor parent enjoys spending time online with their kids, cultivates their kid’s digital skills, and fosters online learning. Be sure to read the article to understand how this differs from other approaches.

The article then shares a great resource called, March Media Mentor Month. This is a daily set of activities parents can do with their children throughout the month of March to develop this mentor approach and mindset as a parent. Here it is (PDF is attached):







The PDF can be downloaded here.

It is highly recommended to do these daily activities during March with your children. Let’s continue to develop positive relationships with our children around technology so that we create balanced users who learn to make better decisions with their devices throughout their lives.

The Managing Technology at Home parent training session that was supposed to happen on Tuesday, February 27 has been rescheduled for Tuesday, March 6 at 8:15am in the HS MPR. We hope to see you there.


Thomas Galvez

High School Instructional Coach: Technology