ES: ‘Broken’ assembly today…

Dear Parents,
Today, at 8:45, we had an assembly for students in grades 1-5.  You may hear about it tonight from your child.  They may describe an assembly that was completely disorganized and didn’t work well.  If that is what they describe, they are correct.
Today, we intentionally presented an assembly to the students where everything about the assembly did not work.  The purpose was to help launch the upcoming Super Unit.  

Super Units with the theme of “Understanding our World: Managing the Complexity of Systems” will provide a structured inquiry into helping the learner understand the world around them.  Learners will manage the complex systems of modern world. Learners will be empowered to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the systems in our world.  During these Super Units, teachers will explicitly help students develop the thinking focus of Systems Thinking.

Systems thinking is the process of understanding how those things which may be regarded as systems, influence one another within a complete entity, or larger system. In nature, systems thinking examples include ecosystems in which various elements such as air, water, movement, plants, and animals work together to survive or perish. In organizations, systems consist of people, structures, and processes that work together to make an organization “healthy” or “unhealthy”.

The purpose of the ‘broken assembly’ was to provide a common experience for the students to understand the importance of systems thinking, and see what can go wrong when systems thinking is not done well.

I wanted to send this email to parents so that if you hear about a ‘broken assembly’ today, you understand that it was intentional.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Daniel J. Keller, PhD

Elementary Principal