ES: Parent input on classroom placement process


Classroom placement process:

Saigon South International School is committed to placing students into heterogeneously-mixed classes.  

Heterogeneous grouping is a type of distribution of students among various classrooms of a certain grade within a school. In this method, children of approximately the same age are placed in different classrooms in order to create a relatively even distribution of students of different abilities as well as different educational and emotional needs. Students of similar characteristics (demographic, academic, etc.) are purposefully distributed throughout different grade level classrooms, rather than all together in one classroom.  As we distribute students, we consider criteria such as number of students in each class, English proficiency levels, learning support needs, gender, nationality, behavior needs, academic subject levels.

At the end of every school year, parents are invited to provide additional information that may be considered in the placement process.  While parent input is considered, the school does not commit to grant all parent requests, as the highest priority is the creation of heterogeneously mixed classes.  Parents may provide input using the Parent input on student classroom placement form.

New students are admitted throughout the summer months.  Therefore, heterogeneous classes are not finalized until days before the school year begins.  Once parents are notified of classroom placements, we are unable to make changes before the first day of school.  

If, after the first ten (10) school days of the new school year, a parent continues to have concerns about their child’s class placement, they are invited to arrange for a meeting with the school administration to discuss the matter.  At that time, the parent concerns will be considered and a change of classroom will be considered.