Annual An Linh Love School Food Drive Underway


We want to thank the SSIS community for once again helping support the annual Anh Linh Love School food drive.  This drive is led by our Grade 8 students who are demonstrating their professional communication and persuasion skills reaching out to local businesses asking for donations and contributions to the drive.  As they are learning about professional communication and persuasion in English Language Arts, they are also studying Human Rights and the impact of poverty in Social Studies.  The An Linh Love School Food drive is a major component of their integrated service learning project.

In addition, our Grade 7 students are also contributing to the drive by leading the SSIS school portion of the collection and creating donation posters and building up school excitement about the drive.

SSIS has been holding a food drive for An Linh Love School to help support the summer nutritional needs of its students for over 10 years.  We can’t wait to see what the total donation will be this year.

And this was just the start …