MS: Final Math Competition of the Year … Another Success!


Please congratulate the twelve representative of the MS math team for their participation and success this weekend at the Junior Saigon Maths Competition.


Team 1 Team 3
Daniel Masaki
Jessie Ben
Yoonseo Chowon
Team 2 Team 4
Chaeyeon Hyewon
Crystal Seohyun
Sol Da Na
The competition was fierce and fun, and students came from seven schools across the city: ABC, AIS, AMIS, BIS, EIS, ISHCMC, and CIS. Together with SSIS, there were 25 teams of three who competed.
Jessie, Daniel, and Anna all tied for 1st in the individual round with a PERFECT score and won 1st as a team. Masaki, Ben, and Chowon placed 4th as a team in this round.
Jessie, Daniel, and Anna won the PassBack round with the first perfect score ever recorded in this round.
Jessie, Daniel, and Anna won the Relay round with 108 out of 120 possible points. Chaeyeon, Crystal, and Sol placed 4th in the relay.
Jessie, Daniel, and Anna’s team won 1st overall making it SSIS’s 4th consecutive competition victory.