SSIS (G 11): Grade 11 Retreat, September 20-22


SSIS Grade 11 students will be having a Grade 11 Retreat from Thursday, September 20th – Saturday, September 22, 2018.  All grade 11 students are required to attend this field trip.

The grade 11 students will be going to Ta Lai, Vietnam.  Students will be engaged in a local community service project and team building activities.  Full IB Diploma students will also consolidate their experiences with the CAS program and will be guided through the self-reflection process and the nuances of the CAS program.  Transportation and activities are being coordinated with Asia Motions.  

The cost of this trip is 6,000,000 VND.  This fee will be billed to your school account in a similar fashion as the Week Without Walls trips in grade 9 and 10.  Please make arrangements to pay this fee as soon as possible in the School Business Office. Payment can be made in cash at any time during the business day.

If you have any questions about the specifics of the trip please contact Bilal Khan ( or Erica Neal ( who are the trip organizers.