School Photos


Dear Parents,

Our school photographer, Mr. Tung, will be taking individual student portraits during the weeks of August 21st to September 7th. We will begin with the high school students on August 21st to August 24th, followed by the middle school students from August 29th to August 31st and end with the elementary school students from September 4th through September 7th.

Parents will once again have a chance to view the photo prior to ordering the individual pictures, prices for the picture packages will range from 100,000VND  to 500,000VND depending on the package you choose. Proof photos will be available for viewing through the Powerschool Parent Portal in approximately three to four weeks and order forms will be made available at that time.

Elementary students will also sit for a class picture with their homeroom teacher. These class pictures are offered as 8 x 10-inch color photographs. Mr. Tung will also be taking the ‘funny faces’ class picture that students can purchase as well. An example can be seen above.

Students are expected to wear their school uniform polo shirt for the photos.  If students have PE on the day they are scheduled to have their photos taken, it is important that they bring a uniform polo shirt to change into for the photos.

Please see the eNews for further details as the principals’ administrative assistants will be publishing their divisional schedules as their time approaches. For additional information or inquiries, please contact Ms.Ha at

Thank you for your support.

Best regards,

Katie Rigney-Zimmermann