MS: WWW Information, Links, and Forms


Thank you parents for attending the Middle School Curriculum Night.  We are so glad that most parents were able to attend the Week Without Walls (WWW) Information sessions during Curriculum Night.  Each grade level WWW trip is sure to be an incredible experience of personal growth for our students.  Please find below the entire WWW presentation as well as the grade level permission slips.

As a reminder, all middle school students are expected to attend WWW.  The permission slips are necessary for certain activities.  When you are signing permission for your child to participate in the activities, it does not mean your child has to participate.  It just gives them the opportunity to try.  From past experience, even if your child initially says he or she does not want to try something, it is likely he/she will have a change of mind when on site.  However, we do not allow students to participate unless parents have given permission.

These forms also ensure we have one last opportunity to hear from parents about their child’s needs.  We want to ensure that this trip is successful for all, and these forms are incredibly helpful in making that possible.

Grade Level Trip Presentations:

Grade Level Trip Permissions:
Grade 6 WWW Permissions Form
Grade 7 WWW Permissions Form
Grade 8 WWW Permissions Form