Dr. Moran’s Musings


Dear SSIS Parents,

The first four weeks of school have been exceptionally positive and productive! The School is echoing with the sounds of excited voices as our elementary classes undertake their first Super Unit, “Understanding Ourselves: Reaching Our Goals in Life.”  This unit, along with developing excellent literacy and numeracy skills, focuses on “reflective thinking” allowing these young learners to develop the higher-order thinking skills needed for every aspect of their education.

The Middle School orientation and transition programs were highly successful.  Students in their advisory classes were introduced to important topics such as organizational strategies, use of technology tools, behavioral expectations, physical wellness, and team building. Again, these skills are critical for success in every academic and performance area and will allow these students to reach their full potential.

The High School is off and running with a greater number of AP and IB offerings than ever before.  Our SSIS parents turned out en masse for the first UniTalk and the curriculum night. Feedback on both events was extremely positive and I highly encourage you to attend the next UniTalk.  Also, the next time you walk by the Plaza, glance up at the new IDEA Center (HS STEM Lab) where you will see students excitedly engaged in robotics, coding and engineering as they incorporate design thinking skills in meaningful ways.

I am grateful to the many parents who have attended the “Coffee with Dr. Moran” sessions and I look forward to learning from many more of you in the sessions to come. In response to great interest from the community, we will conduct the session on Tuesday, September 18th primarily in Vietnamese and the session on Tuesday, 25th in Korean.

  • September 18 Tuesday, 8:15-9:30 AM, ES Flex Room (Bldg B room 310)
  • September 25 Tuesday, 8:15-9:30 AM, ES Flex Room (Bldg B room 310)

Please sign up here for the date that suits you best (30 sign-up slots for each coffee morning). If you are unable to make any of the scheduled times, please know that my door is always open and I welcome you to make an appointment for a visit by contacting Ms. Hien Le at hile@ssis.edu.vn.  

A thorough understanding of our community, your hopes and dreams for your children, and a deep understanding of best practices in education will help inform our thinking as we work together to develop SSIS Vision 2030, a  vision of the educational program for your children’s future.

Special thanks to the PTA for hosting the first MS PTA Blast.  We look forward to Family Fun Day on September 29th. It’s going to be sensational!

All good wishes.

I look forward to a great September!

Dr. Catriona Moran
Head of School