More than “Crunching Numbers” Slides


Thanks to all who were able to attend this morning’s ES principal’s coffee morning. The parents gave great feedback on the event which focused on problem-solving via logic puzzles, three-act tasks, and number talks.

Here is some feedback from a questionnaire:
What will you take away from this task?
  • math is not just memorizing
  • learn to teach my young kids an interesting way to think of math
  • learning math now is totally different than how I learned it.
  • math is not all about numbers and counting. Its also about patterns.
  • I can learn math from my daughter


  • How might you use what you learned today when you see your child tonight?
  • Spend 5 minutes at least with my child to play math games
  • I will practice counting up and down with my child
  • We will make dinner together. My child will use kitchen tools to measure
  • My kids will count money
  • I will make math fun.
  • We will cook together
  • I will let him play in the kitchen
  • I will use numbers with my son everytime and let him learn to solve problems by himself, even when it isn’t mathematics.
  • I will try the chicken and cow problem with my daughter
  • We will play and count with blocks together.

The slides from the presentation can be found here