Farm to School


With a commitment to providing healthy fresh food, The Caterers are bringing a week of “Farm to School” fun and activities to the Cafeteria from Monday 3rd to Friday 7th December. This will be an exciting opportunity to help connect children to healthy, local food and for them to gain a greater understanding as to where food comes from.

The Caterers are working with suppliers and farms to bring in more locally sourced, fresh fruits and vegetables into the school cafeteria. Throughout the week, students will be able to experience fresh and natural whole foods, learn about different produce, the origin and enjoy various tasting sessions.

On the Friday 7th December after school at 3 pm next to the café at the school entrance, there will be a “Cooking in the Garden” demonstration by Chef Brian and his team with some tasting samples. Parents are welcome to come along as well.

This farm to school approach should strengthen children’s knowledge and attitudes towards, agriculture, food, nutrition, and the environment all in a fun and edible way!