HS VEX Team Competes

Students from the SSIS High School VEX robotics team traveled this past weekend to the Formosa VEX tournament at Taipei American School in Taipei, Taiwan. The team built a robot to compete by aiming balls at colored flags, flipping and moving flying-saucer shaped objects called caps around the competition field, and climbing up on platforms at the end of the match. In qualifying matches, two alliances of two teams each are randomly paired up to compete against each other.
After seven hard-fought qualification matches, the 4th ranked team (out of 36 teams competing) chose the SSIS team to join them for the elimination rounds of the tournament. The alliance won their first match, sending it to the quarterfinals. Despite a strong effort by the SSIS team and its partner, the alliance lost its second match. This match was against the top-seeded alliance that ultimately won the entire tournament.
The schools in attendance included Taipei American School, International School of Bangkok, Singapore American School, Tianjin International School, and International School of Manila. The team is coached by Computer Science and math teacher Monika Richardson and Secondary STEM coordinator Evan Weinberg.
Congratulations Dragons!