HS: Course Registration Evening for Students & Parents (G9-11) – January 15th, 2019

With Semester 1 coming to a close, we now look to the new semester and conversations about registering for the new academic year. The discussion of SSIS course offerings will begin all together during the evening of January 15th where we will be discussing the different curricula available to our students. It’s critical that the following students and parents attend this event together.
Who should attend?
  1. Current Grade 9: If you are considering a few AP options in Grade 10, you should attend.
  2. Current Grade 10: All Grade 10 students should attend. This meeting is essential for outlining your curriculum in Grade 11 & 12.
  3. Current Grade 11: If you are not full IB Diploma and would like to learn more about your AP options, you should attend. If you are full IB Diploma, you do not need to attend.
Here are a few of the topics to be covered:
  • IB Diploma program
  • Individual IB courses (including important changes to the Math curriculum)
  • AP courses
  • SSIS courses
  • What do universities look for?
Time & Place: January 15th, 2019 @ 6pm in the SSIS Auditorium (ES Building)
The presentation from this evening is available here.
The Program of Studies is available here.