Principal’s Coffee Morning – Literacy: Expanding Definitions


Thank you to the dedicated and engaged group of parents who attended this Tuesday’s Coffee Morning. During this presentation titled “Literacy: Expanding the Definitions” we had the opportunity to discuss about the evolving nature of literacy and how at SSIS we are working towards constructing an expanded literacy framework that meets the needs of the learner of this century.


In the spirit of the title of the presentation, three augments were suggested for an expanded definition of literacy:

1. Literacy means consuming and producing the media forms of the day.

2. Those who are truly literate in the 21st century will be those who besides mastering the written and oral language, can both read and write the multimedia language of the screen.

3. The multimedia collage enables modes of thought, ways of communicating and conducting research, and methods of publication we could not even imaging a few years ago.

4. Coding is becoming the new universal modern language. In the near future, we will not be able to consider ourselves literate if we do not understand the language of computers.


During the presentation, parents had the opportunity to discuss the implications of this expanded definition of literacy on education and learning, and watched some practical examples from the classrooms. The end goal was to build parental understanding of the ways that technology is changing society, and therefore changing education.This Principal’s Coffee Morning session was also a great opportunity to share exciting projects our students are engaged in, and help clear up any misconceptions about the use of technology in the classroom.

We are already looking forward to continuing these discussions again throughout the school year.

Alfredo Papaseit
EC/ES Technology Learning Facilitator