[G9-12] AP and IB Exams Begin on Monday, May 1


Dear High School Students and Parents,

Before heading out on the upcoming holiday, I would like to wish each of our students success in their upcoming AP or IB exams. May good luck be in your favor and your preparation bring you fantastic results!  

To help you prepare and meet with success in your exams, I have some quick reference items and advice to share.  

AP and IB Exam Schedule (Exams run from Monday, May 1 to Friday, May 19)

Attendance Guidelines

  • AP students and IB Course students with an exam scheduled in the afternoon are excused from Blocks 1-3 for the day of their exam.
  • AP students and IB Course students with an exam scheduled the following morning are excused from Block 4 the day in advance of their exam.
  • Full IB Diploma students will not attend classes after April 28
  • No Grade 12 students will attend classes after May 12
  • Students must be in uniform as usual

Pre-Exam Preparation

  • Eat a healthy and well-balanced breakfast on the day of your exam.  “Many studies reveal that recall, performance and concentration are better if you have eaten a morning meal.” (https://www.healthyfood.com/advice/eating-for-better-exam-performance/)
  • Get sufficient sleep (8-10 hours) the night before and in the days leading up to your exam.  
  • Arrive at the exam location early to relax and get settled.

Questions about the AP or IB Exams?

Please remember that our Learning Program Coordinator, Mr. Tucker Barrows, is here to support you through this very important time. Contact him with any questions you may have on the AP or IB exams:  tbarrows@ssis.edu.vn

We are all so proud of you and confident that you are well prepared for your exams.  Be confident in yourself and know that we are cheering for you.

All my best,

Ms. Mendes