[AS] Annual Community Survey


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    Dear Parents,

    Surveys are a very important tool for gathering community feedback. They allow us to make sure we are providing your child with the best educational experience possible and help us better understand and address the needs of our community.

    Only 10-Minutes of Your Time
    We know your time is valuable, so we are pleased to note that this year’s annual community survey will take you only 10 minutes.

    Please note that all community survey submissions are anonymous. You can choose to complete the survey in one of four languages: English, Vietnamese, Korean, or Mandarin.

    Community Survey in English
    Community Survey in Vietnamese
    Community Survey in Korean
    Community Survey in Mandarin

    Later this semester, once the results are processed, we will share them with you.

    We thank you for investing these few minutes of your time in your child’s education, and for your continued support of SSIS!

    Best regards,

    David Chadwell
    Associate Head of School for Teaching and Learning