(G6 – 8) Week Without Walls Update 4


Dear MS Parents,

Please see the summaries of today’s activities below. The Day 4 photo albums will be updated later this evening.

Grade 6

The last day of the grade 6 WWW journey was outstanding with lots of creative design-thinking activities. Students designed, built, and raced cardboard boats, designed water bottle rockets, made soap, flew kites they’d made, and played volleyball. Before turning in for the evening, the students will have a last-evening dance.

Tomorrow, Friday, November 25, the Grade 6 will have breakfast, pack up, and head back to SSIS with lots of great memories!

We plan to have Grade 6 students back at SSIS at 1:00 pm, tomorrow, Friday after an amazing week!

Grade 7

It has been an exciting week in Madagui! For their final full day, Grade 7 students have been ziplining, rock-climbing, kayaking, and doing other team-building games. Tonight they’ll have a wonderful BBQ dinner to finish up the last day. Some of the students are eagerly looking forward to being able to watch the World Cup Football match between South Korea and Uruguay, later tonight.

Tomorrow the class will depart at 9:30 am for their trip back to SSIS, and should be back at around 1:00 pm. 

Grade 8

Today the students got a chance to do one of the activities they didn’t do yesterday. Some students did the Hoi An scavenger hunt, others visited a farm or went kayaking. After the evening dinner, the class will do karaoke and have a fun dance. 

Tomorrow, Friday, November 25, Grade 8 heads back to from the Da Nang airport. The two travel groups are expected to arrive back at SSIS at the following times: 

  • Travel Group A (Ada, Benck, Boudreau, Boyes, and Francis advisory groups)- arrives back to SSIS at approximately 4:15 PM, November 25
  • Travel Group B (Hart, Jardin, Laros-Weaver, O’Brien, and Ward advisory groups). – arrives back to SSIS at approximately 5:00 PM, November 25