Important Reminder About Sick Policy and Covid


Dear SSIS Parents,

We hope that you and your children have enjoyed a relaxing and healthy extended weekend.

As we return to school, I’d like to share this important reminder of our sick policy and our Covid policy. We ask that you follow these guidelines so that we can all finish up the school year in good health.

Your Child Should Remain Home If…

Students should stay home if they:

•    Have a fever of 37.8C or higher
•    Are vomiting
•    Have diarrhea
•    Exhibit flu-like symptoms (sore throat, headache, body aches, or cough)

Note that your child must be fever free for 24 hours (without medication) before returning to school. They should also be free from vomiting or diarrhea for 24 hours before returning to school.

If Your Child Tests Positive for Covid

A 7-day home quarantine is mandatory if your child tests positive for Covid. They may only leave your home for medical reasons.

The 7-day isolation period starts when the divisional nurse is notified via email or phone of the symptoms (as per MOH Decision 250/QĐ-BYT).

If you do not notify the school nurse, or you do not know the day symptoms began, the 7-day isolation will begin on the day of the positive covid test result.

Covid Test Results

•    Upload the positive test result to the SSIS Health app (instructions here). If you cannot upload via the app, please email your divisional nurse a photo of the test result.
•    On Day 7 your child must do a Rapid Antigen Covid test at home or at a medical facility. No PCR test is required.
•    You must upload the result to the SSIS Health App
◦    If the Day 7 Rapid Antigen test is NEGATIVE and your child has NO SYMPTOMS, your child can return to campus the next day.
◦    If the Day 7 Rapid Antigen test is POSITIVE and your child is FULLY VACCINATED, continue home quarantine until Day 10.
◦    If the Day 7 Rapid Antigen test is POSITIVE and your child is NOT FULLY VACCINATED then continue home quarantine until Day 14.

For any health-related questions or concerns, please contact your medical provider or call International SOS at (028) 3829 8520.

Recording Your Child’s Absence

If your child is sick and will not come to school, please contact the divisional office and the divisional nurse to report your child’s symptoms:

ES Office: 028 54130901 ext: 21190 or 21191
ES Nurse: 028 54130901 ext: 11070
MS Office: 028 54130901 ext: 12005
MS Nurse: 028 54130901 ext: 11071
HS Office: 028 54130901 ext: 33080 or 33081
HS Nurse: 028 54130901 ext: 31001

As a final reminder, please know that one of the simplest ways to stay healthy and prevent germs from spreading is proper hand washing.

Thank you,

Nicol Stevens
Health Office Manager