MS Adolescent Literacy Principal’s Coffee Review


We were fortunate to have Ms. Danielle Richert join the Principal’s Coffee this week to discuss adolescent literacy.  Ms. Richert talked with parents about the different stages of reading appreciation; books that children in those stages might enjoy; and ways parents can continue to help their children develop into passionate readers.  If you weren’t able to attend, you can take a look at some of the information presented by viewing Ms. Richert’s presentation (click HERE).

Ms. Richert also shared ideas for how parents can talk with the children about the books they are reading.  Asking your child to talk about theme, plot, character, and craft is one of the suggestions she gave.  She also shared words that we use with students when we talk with them about those ideas here at school.  Asking your child to talk about both things they liked and things they didn’t can help broaden their understanding of what they read.

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