MS WWW Update: Day 5 Friday March 19th


Ms Burger, MS Principal updated that the grade 8 team will arrive estimated time of 12:30 – 1:00pm (instead of 2:00pm as previous schedule) due to the students packed out of the camp quickly.

Ms Taoli, Grade 7 Leader updated that the grade 7 team will arrive about 30 minutes earlier than previous schedule.

Ms McKinnon, Grade 6 Leader updated that the grade 6 team will arrive about 1:45 – 2:00pm

So, the estimated arrival time at SSIS:
Grade 6 – 1:45 – 2:00pm
Grade 7 – 1:00pm
Grade 8 – 12:30-1:00pm

A diary of a student from the trip:

“The entire Week Without Walls at Madagui was quite an experience. 

Monday was spent travelling with a group of adrenaline driven 7th graders then hiking and camping. 
Tuesday was a day of scavenger hunting, outdoor soft skills and archery. 
Wednesday was a tiring but fun day of rock climbing, zip lining and rafting. 
While all of these days were exciting, Thursday was a different story.

Sun burned, sore muscled and optimistic seventh grader piled into a bus after breakfast on the way to the morning activity of raft building. Chatters of ghost stories told the night before and inferences at the day to come soon filled the air as the students divided into their activity groups to build bamboo rafts to race with. Knots, strings, bamboo shafts and plastic barrels were passed around as the seventh graders worked collaboratively. Afterwards, we all piled into the water with paddles and a lot of team spirit. “One, two, on two!” chants were heard as we all raced for first place. The Pink Peeps placed first.

Next, the activity groups headed off into their stations which consisted of letter writing to orphans, who we unfortunately could not visit due to an outbreak of chicken pox, basket weaving with ethnic groups, painting and games. Every student had fun making baskets, bans and beautiful painting.

Also, the students played kerplunk and a hit-the-can. At the end of the afternoon, the seventh graders settled down to a free-time of swimming, card games and resting.

After dinner, the awards for the trip were announced and a very interesting (to say the least) round of karaoke ensued. Confident students shared their voices with everyone to sing songs and to celebrate the last night at Madagui.

All in all; the fourth day of WWW was really fun and exciting for everyone. This trip would not have been as successful as it was without the support of the teachers, guides and staff. We hope that next year, the seventh grade Week Without Walls trip is great as well!”