MS Earth Week: Turn Down for Earth!


Turn Down for Earth!

Led by the MS GIN Club, and teachers Mr. Johnston, Mrs. Crowell, Mr. Appino, and Mrs. Jardin, Middle School students participated in a wide variety of activities designed to increase their awareness of global environmental issues as well as local  and individual ways to improve the health of the environment.  The focus was on building awareness of our daily habits and how we can make small changes to make a big difference.

On Monday, trash cans were turned upside down.  As students collected and carried with them the trash they generated throughout 1 day, they thought about small ways they could reduce the amount of trash they generated.  On Tuesday, students used the collected trash to create art sculptures.

On Wednesday, students learned about the environmental impact of farming.  They discussed the impact dietary choices have on the environment.  This was followed by the Meatless Feast on Thursday.  Thank you so much to all the parents who assisted in making the Meatless Feast a true feast!

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