ES-Food Drive 25-29 May-sponsored by Grade 6 Leadership Team


Dear SSIS students and parents,

The annual food drive is coming right up! This year’s food drive is organized

by the 6th grade leadership class to support the students at the Anh Linh

Love School (ALLS). The purpose of this drive is to provide food for the

students from Anh Linh Love School over the summer. During the school

year when the students go to school, food is provided by the school.

However, during the summer due to the families’ poor condition, the

students often don’t have enough to eat.

Our goal this year, like we’ve done for the last nine years, is to provide food

for the children. This supplies include: instant noodles, soy sauce, vegetable

oil, rice, toothpaste. The information below indicates what each grade

should bring:

● EC3, EC 4, K and Grade 1 is instant noodle.

● Grade 2 and 4 is soy sauce.

● Grade 3 and 5 is vegetable oil.

● Grade 7, 8, 9 and 10 is rice.

● Grade 6 and 11 is toothpaste.

We have suggested the amount/size for each student to bring, but you can

donate as you choose. Also you can bring more food if you feel like it; the

school would love it if they had a little extra. Please keep in mind that the

food donated should be new and in an unopened package.

The suggested amounts :

Instant noodle: 6 packs per person.

Soy sauce: 2 bottles per person.

Vegetable oil: 1 bottle per person.

Rice: 1 bag per person.

Toothpaste: 2 tubes per person.

This food drive will take place from May 25th to May 29th and we hope that

everyone will participate. Food items will be collected in your child’s classrooms.

Thank you for supporting Anh Linh Love School.


The 6th Grade Leadership Class