MS First PTA Blast! a Huge Success


The Middle School students would like to thank the PTA for hosting a fantastically fun and challenging Blast! event on August 28th.  Over 70 students participated in the Scavenger Hunt event which required them to think hard to figure out challenging clues; make close observations to find hidden items; and work their muscles as they ran all over campus.  3 teams made it to the finish and were awarded gift certificates to Baskin Robbins.  Whether they finished or not, all students were proud of their efforts and had a lot of fun along the way.  The next PTA Blast! is January 22nd.  Please consider volunteering for this fun event.  It’s a great way to be involved and support your middle school child.

Wondering about the next social event for Middle School?  Our first dance on September 25 from 5-8pm.  We are also looking for parent volunteers to assist at this event.  Don’t worry – your child may say they don’t want you to come; but once you are here, they always make sure to point out that their parent is here to their friends (a sure sign of pride in the fact that their parent took time to come).

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