ES: Multi-age learning experiences


Dear parents,image2

At Saigon South International School, we help our elementary students develop in our five Core Values: Academic Excellence, Sense of Self, Balance in Life, Dedicated Service and Respect for All.  Multi-age learning experiences are one powerful strategy for developing these Core Values in our students.  Multi-age learning experiences are opportunities for students from very different age groups to work together to help each other in their development.

image6One example is our grade 1 students who are working with middle school buddies on a variety multi-age learning experiences.

Another example is our grade 2 students who are partnered with high school seniors.  This has been a tradition for many years and culminates with a grade 2/HS senior event right before the HS seniors’ graduation.  In some cases, grade 2 buddies actually come to their HS senior buddy’s graduation ceremony.

Multi-age learning experiences are a two-way (reciprocal) strategy that benefits both younger and older students develop the kind of SSIS Dragon Spirit that is described in our Core Values.


Dan Keller, PhD

grade 1 and ms students