MS Parenting Teens – A Difficult Balance


We are so thankful for the large turnout for our 2nd MS Principal’s Coffee.  Mrs. Bertoia’s presentation on “Parenting your teen; a delicate balancing act” was excellent.  If you missed it, or were hoping to have access to the materials, here are links to the information presented.

Kids in the House – With the motto “Inspire, Educate, Entertain,” this website is an incredible resource.  From the website:  Kids in the House is the largest parenting video library in the world. This educational website aims to help parents and caregivers become better at parenting by educating, inspiring and entertaining. This resource contains over 8,000 videos from 450 leading parenting experts, including doctors, pediatricians, psychologists, educators, best-selling authors, celebrities, and parents themselves.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 8.16.27 AM This article focuses on the need to ensure our children develop resilience. The author makes a compelling argument that children must experience failure, and solve it themselves, in order to develop necessary resilience.

We hope to see even more parents at our next Principal’s Coffee on November 5th – Curriculum Focus: Components of Middle School Curriculum.  At this coffee we will talk about how the middle school curriculum is organized as well as the types of instructional and assessment methods we use … and why!