ES More parent engagement…


Dear parents,

After the recent eNews posting about Parent Engagement in the kindergarten classroom with Monday Math Mornings, I ask teachers to let me know of other examples of parent involvement in our school.  Some of the recent replies included:LightTable

  • Grade 4: “When we went on our field trip to D1 a few weeks ago (Water Puppets, Art Museum, Parks), we had 12 parent volunteers amongst our 3 classes!”
  • Grade 2: “I have a well-publicized open-door policy for parent volunteers and observers.  I gave parents the class schedule and told  them they are welcome to come anytime, just to send me an email beforehand to make sure that we are on schedule for that day (as there might be an event, assembly, etc.)  So far I have had 7 parents and one grandparent come to observe and help out with social studies groups (they seem particularly interested in observing the social studies plays).   Many parents have indicated an interest in coming to class in the near future.”
  • Grade 1: “During the Curriculum Evening at the start of the year I invited parents to sign up if they would be willing to come in on a regular basis and work in class at a station when I would be doing Math rotations.  I had a total of 4 parents sign up, out of the 19 who were present. They rotate coming in each week so that I have 2 at a time to help.”
  • Kindergarten: “In addition to our Monday Math Mornings, we also invite parents to join their children for Friday Reading Mornings.”
  • Early Childhood: “Here is a glob posting to parents and younger siblings joining the classroom everyday from 7:45 – 8:00:

These examples give just a quick overview of the many different ways that we are working to maximize parent engagement at SSIS Elementary School.  With conferences coming up tomorrow, there may be an opportunity to talk with your child’s teachers about other opportunities to become engaged in our school.  Of course, the upcoming International Week next week is another fun way, especially if you bring a food from your country for our International Food Festival.


Dan Keller, PhD