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SSIS hosted the 10th Annual Middle School Mathematics Competition. Nine local international schools competed (ISHCMC, BIS, BVIS, ABC IS, AIS, RISS, EIS, and CIS) for a total of 25 teams of three.

Congratulations to the SSIS teams who competed.

  • Team 1: Joon-Young Cha, Lucy Sa, and Minh Duong
  • Team 2: Giao Vu, San Kwon, and Doris Chung
  • Team 3: Shayan Sinha,  Jihwan Kim, and Min-Seo Jeong

SSIS won 1st, 2nd, and 8th place overall (out of 23 teams):
1st Place: SSIS TEAM 2 (Giao Vu, San Kwon, and Doris Chung)
2nd Place: SSIS TEAM 1 (Joon-Young Cha, Lucy Sa, and Minh Duong)
8th Place:  SSIS Team 3 (Shayan Sinha, Jihwan Kim, and Min-Seo Jeong)

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