MS Student Led Conferences


This Thursday (5-8pm) and Friday (8am-1pm) the Middle School is hosting Student Led Conferences.  Student Led Conferences are an alternative to traditional parent teacher conferences that enable the student to take the stage front and center in the discussion about his/her progress and achievement.  Student Led Conferences provide an opportunity for students to reflect on their work; talk about strengths and areas of challenge; and led a conversation with their parents about next steps.  Student Led Conferences put the focus on the student by having the student talk about how he or she has grown and changed over the year; identify accomplishments and struggles; reflect on who he or she is as a learner; and reflect on teacher feedback/comments.  The conversation at the conference is between the student and the parent, not the parent and the teacher.  Information from your child’s teachers will be included in the conference as well as student selected work and reflections.

WHAT PARENTS DO AT STUDENT LED CONFERENCES:  Parents will join their child at the conference table as partners.  They will ask their child questions about what they hear and will attempt to see school through the eyes of their child.  Parents are encouraged to provide positive reinforcement and encouragement to their child as they listen to their child’s reflections and assessments.  This year, students will focus their reflections on artifacts of learning and will include a demonstration and/or hands on activity during the conference.