MS Math Team Makes Saigon Math Competition History

Please congratulate the nine representative of the MS math team for their participation and success this weekend at the Saigon Maths Competition.
Team 1 Team 2 Team 3
San Kwon Shayan Sinha Hyunseo Ryo
Yeongjae Heo Daehyup Park Brandon Bae
Quang Nguyen Hina Sekine Yoonji Kim
The competition was challenging and fun with students representing 8 schools in HCMC.  The schools represented include:
 ABCIS, EIS, ISHCMC, BIS, CIS, American IS, BVIS, and the Australian IS
 Individual Results:
There were 81 participants competing in the event.  SSIS took 3 of the top 4 positions.
  • 1st place: Yeongjae Heo (with a near perfect score)
  • 2nd place: San Kwon
  • 4th place: Quang Nguyen
Team Results:
There were 27 teams competing in the event.
As a team, SSIS Team 1 won all four rounds for the 1st perfect team score in SMC history.
Final results from the competition have been posted, and we have learned that SSIS Team 3 placed 5th overall.  Congratulations!
San, Yeongjae, and Quang won the team Individual total award, Passback, Puzzle, and Relay rounds as a team making them the overall competition winners. Their success brought the SSIS MS math team its third consecutive team win at the Junior SMC.
It is a joy to see these students reap the rewards of their hard work.