MS: Wonder – Movie Opportunity for Grade 6 Students

The movie Wonder, based on the novel by RJ Palacio, is about friendship, family, and courage.
If your 6th grade child is interested in seeing the movie Wonder (based on the book by RJ Palacio), Mrs. Wolf is hosting a trip the movies to see Wonder on Saturday, 13 January. This is not a school-sponsored field trip, just an opportunity to enjoy a movie together.
If you would like to know more about the movie, here is the review from Common Sense Media.
Students who attend are responsible for their own transportation and for purchasing their own ticket. My hope is that we will enjoy the movie together and chat about it afterwards. 
This group movie viewing is open to all grade 6 students.  No supervision will be provided to other grade level students or siblings.  If parents would like to bring other children, they will need to attend the movie with them.  Please no siblings (unless they are accompanied by a parent).
Drop off at Vivo City Cinemas at 3PM
Pick up at Vivo City Cinemas at 5:45PM