MS: Science Spectacular


Grade 8 science students are studying the impacts of high and low pressure.  Following the NGSS practices, content standards, and cross cutting concepts, they are continuing their learning through exploration.  As each group demonstrated their pressure lab, diagram, and explanation, the entire group came to a clear understanding of the impact of high and low pressure.

Where does their learning go next?  Figuring out how this applies to weather.

What was my favorite part as an observer?  The gasps of awe when they watched the labs and the intake of breath followed with an “Ohhhhhh, I get it.” when they began to comprehend how all of the experiences fit together.

Check out these short videos and see why they gasped in awe!

Presenting their ideas and explanations; other students take notes and ask questions.

Once all experiments are completed, students are asked to explain their understanding in a new example / experiment.