ES: Project X Jr. for grades 1 and 2


Dear ES Parents,

All students in grades 1-8 are involved in Project X, a week of student-driven inquiry into the concept of time (this year’s theme).  For students in grades 1 and 2, we provide “Project X Jr.”  Project X Jr. engages our younger learners in student-driven inquiry into the concept of time, but with more supporting structures.  Starting next week, our grade 1 and 2 students will be involved in four different experiences:

  1. Build/Construct: Minute to Win It! — Students will explore 4 different challenges before designing their own challenge with the same materials.
  2. Music Experience — Students will explore Tempo and Syncopation with drums and another instrument.  The G2s will extend by creating a piece of music.
  3. Coding Challenge with Cubettos (G1) and Dashes (G2) — Students will explore basic coding blocks to get the robots to do a variety of moves.  G2 will extend to get the robots to do a number of moves in one minute, two minutes.
  4. Dance Challenge! — Students will explore a variety of dance moves on GoNoodle.  Students will work in pairs to combine moves and make a short sequence.
On Friday, from 9:50 – 10:30 in the ES Library, there will be a celebration of their Project X Jr. experience.  Students will watch videos of their various challenges during the week and reflect on their deepened understanding of the concept of time.

Please ask your child about their Project X Jr. experiences next week.


Daniel J. Keller, PhD
Elementary School Principal