ES: First day of school


Dear ES parents,

Dr. Norkeliunas and I have visited every grade, every classroom, and every teacher on the first day of school.  I want to assure you that the first day of school is going smoothly.  Early childhood and kindergarten parents are all having their interviews (either yesterday or today).  All grade 1 students were walked to their classrooms this morning and taught the basic routines of starting the day.  All classes in grades 2-5 started right into the school day, welcoming new students, getting to know classmates.  Attendance has been taken and everyone is happy, safe, and settling into the new school year.  Thank you for sending us your lovely children; they are delightful students.

Below is a sample picture of Mr. Ross’ Grade 4 students in music class on the first day of school.  Music teacher Mr. Michael Tompkins is challenging them to move their bodies in unique ways to various rhythms and tempos.

Best wishes for a great school year,

Daniel J. Keller, PhD
Elementary School Principal