Info: Improved Elementary School Progress Report from December 2019


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This coming December, you will receive a new and improved progress report about your child’s learning. Below, you will find an outline of why these changes have been made. 

This new progress report is a step further towards creating a system that will let us report on your children’s skills and dispositions, digitally. After having conducted extensive research, parent interviews and receiving plenty of teacher input, we think you will be pleased with the improvements listed here:

  • Electronic format. The new progress reports will be sent by email to parents as PDFs and can easily be shared with other people. An electronic progress report Our electronic progress reports also support our school’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Parents may still choose to print the report at home if they prefer a paper copy.
  • Simplified Layout. Our improved progress report uses a simplified layout that will make it easier for parents to understand. 
  • Interactive Links. Our improved progress report includes links to student work samples.
  • Expanded Sections. Our improved progress report includes more sections, such as Super Units and student interests.
  • Student Reflections. Our improved progress report includes a section where students reflect on their own learning.

We expect that these changes will help parents and students feel, and become, more included in the learning process. 

How Can I Learn More?

On November 7, we will have an ES Principal Coffee where parents will be able to see examples of the new progress report and ask questions. Also, we look forward to getting your feedback on this new and improved reporting system after you have gotten your first progress report in this new format, in December.

Kind regards,

Daniel J. Keller, PhD
Elementary Principal