Information: Results of Online Parent Survey Are In!


    Earlier this month, during Parent-Teacher Conferences, we conducted a brief online Parent Survey. The results of the survey are back, and we are delighted to learn that parents have a high level of satisfaction with the quality of education at SSIS. We would like to thank each of you for your time and valuable feedback. Your input is vital in helping us further improve our school.

    Among the survey results, we learned that 90% of parents who responded are satisfied with students’ achievements, and believe that SSIS supports the intellectual and personal development of students. Similarly, more than 90% of the respondents showed strong support for Vision 2030. 

    As we celebrate these great results, we also listen closely to the feedback and concerns given by individuals in the survey. We received constructive feedback on ASAs; our newly appointed Activities Director is dedicated to further improving and developing our after-school programs. Additionally, in the next coming months, you can expect to receive more detailed information about Vision 2030, the school’s strategic plan, as it evolves. 

    In just a few weeks, we will have another important opportunity for you to share your ideas with us. On November 12, I strongly urge you to take the opportunity to attend our Head of School Coffee Morning: “Parent Input and Discussion on Vision 2030,” as we collaborate in round table discussions, to collect critical input for our strategic plan. 

    At SSIS we value, and encourage feedback from our community, as we are dedicated to ensuring the highest quality student experiences for your children, our students.